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Traveling With Your Children – Safety Tips That Parents Should Know


Travel should be fun and exciting, but if you travel with your children, the trip may be very stressful. With careful planning, move with your children will be more comfortable. You also have to anticipate any problem that could arise during the trip that concerns your children’s safety to make the journey enjoyable and hassle-free. Although, you can’t carry your best nursing chair, here are some tips for safe travel with your children.

Let your children participate in planning the travel or vacation. Traveling with your children in places unfamiliar to them could bring stress and also fear to your kids. Help them anticipate the changes in the environment and also activities by including them in the planning stage of the trip or vacation. It will also help them welcome the new place if you bring familiar toys and other things that will make your kids feel comfortable.

Inspect your hotel or accommodation room. Hotels in the place of your destination may not be as safe as hotels in your homeland, and it is best to inspect the room for faulty or exposed electrical wiring, unsafe stairway or balcony railings, poisonous substances in the bathroom and other things that may hurt your children.

Bring a traveler’s health kit. This will also serve as your first aid kit to help you take care of minor health problems while traveling with your children. Your health kit may contain medications prescribed by your doctor if you or your children are under medications. Medicines should be in their original bottles and bring a copy of your physician’s prescription letter or note. Examples of drugs taken with antimalarial drugs, anti-diarrheal drugs, antihistamines, anti-sebaceous medicines, fever medicines, mild laxatives, anti-allergens / peptides, antacids, and anti-fungal / antibacterial ointments. You should also bring a 50% insect repellent from the DEET material or sunscreen or sunscreen, alcohol-based gel, digital thermometer, baby wipes, address, and hospital phone numbers area at your destination. Your health kit for the traveler is a handy set when traveling with your children.

Advise your children to be careful with food and also water. Children are prone to diarrhea and other food and water-related illnesses while traveling. Before traveling with your children, you should educate them to be careful with the food and water in your destination. You should only use purified water. Advise your children to wash their hands as often as possible with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand sanitizers especially before eating.

Best of Kenyan Foods


Food is essential for the survival of any human being. It gives us the strength to perform our daily activities as well as keep our bodies healthy. Each and every country in the world has its own preferred best meals. However, these preferences differ in terms of ingredients and the way of cooking. Kenyan foods are the best among Kenyans and even for those who come to visit. This article will give a list of the popular Kenyan foods which are;


1. Cornmeal staple:
It is commonly known as Ugali among Kenyans. This is the commonest food in Kenya and it is consumed by everybody in the country. It is prepared by adding cornmeal to boiling water and heating it until the mixture turns into a block. It is served with cooked vegetables or a saucy stew.

2. Mashed peas and potato mix:
This is one of the famous foods in Kenya. It originated from one of the tribes know as the Kikuyu but it is now enjoyed throughout the country. It is prepared by boiling green peas and potatoes and then adding whole kernels of maize to make the mixture more delicious. It is taken with roasted meat or some other common Kenyan stews.

3. Beans and corn:
This type of food is commonly known as githeri among Kenyans. It is one of the easiest Kenyan meals to prepare. You only need to boil beans and corn kernels and then mix with some vegetables. If you are a fan of chilies or pepper, you can include them in the list of your ingredients.

4. Special rice:
Among Kenyans, it is commonly known as pilau. It is prepared by mixing rice with a number of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and cumin. It is served with meat stew and sliced fresh tomatoes and onions.

5. Coconut rice.
It is commonly known as Wali wa Nazi in Kenya. It is a common food among the coastal regions of Kenya like Mombasa. It is prepared by mixing white rice with coconut meat. It is served with either fish, chicken, bean stew or some vegetables.

6. Kenyan stew:
This is also one of the delicious meals you can get in Kenya. It is prepared using either cow meat, goat meat, chicken meat or any other animal meat whose meat is edible. It’s preparation may also include some ingredients like peppers, peas, carrots, and potatoes.

7. Roasted meat:
You will find Kenyans referring to it as nyama choma. This is the heart of Kenyan food. It is prepared using either cow meat or goat meat. In some rare cases, you may also prepare it using chicken meat or fish. It is served with cornmeal staple. You can also add other spices like pepper, fresh tomatoes, and onions to make it more delicious.


In conclusion, Kenya is one of the countries with the most delicious foods in the world. They are prepared in a unique way that gives them a taste and makes them stand out from those of other countries. They are many but some of the best and mostly consumed are; cornmeal staple, mashed peas and potato mix, beans and corn, special rice, coconut rice, Kenyan stew and roasted meat.

Best Souvenirs to Buy in Kenya


Souvenirs are the best way to take a piece of Kenya back home. After all the good times you have had under the Kenyan sun, a souvenir will always let you escape into one of those moments when you really need to and relive the vacation. If you are an avid traveller, a souvenir is like a token of all the places you have visited. Souvenirs are not just for you, it also tells your friends and relatives that you did not forget about them while on vacation. But with so many options out there, here is a list of the best souvenirs to buy in Kenya.


1. Wood Carvings: You can find some truly unique wood carvings in Kenya. They make great souvenirs and come in all sizes, from tiny ones that fit in your pocket and can be used as keychains to bigger ones to proudly display in your home. They are made by local artisans and are reasonably priced. For most of the carvers, this is their only source of income and they work day in and day out to produce the best carvings. The carvings are mostly made from ebony and rosewood, although you may find a few made from teak and white oak. They are mostly in the form of animals found in Kenya, but human figurines are also available. Although for an extra fee you may be able to get a custom design. These carving will always remind you of all the exotic wildlife you encountered during your safari.

2. Jewellery: Maasai beadwork jewellery, made by intricately connecting bright and colorful beads, is the best souvenir to buy from Kenya. For the Maasai, the beads have special meanings with each color signifying something. For example, green beads symbolize fertility and prosperity and are mostly worn by women whereas red beads that symbolize blood and power are worn by men who are warriors. They are available in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. If your safari takes you to a Maasai tribe village, it’s best to purchase these directly from them. In case you miss out on that, you can always buy them from one of the numerous shops in Nairobi. There is nothing like some colorful and intricate jewellery to make you stand out in a crowd.

3. Batik art: Batik is hand-made clothing pattern that uses waxes to achieve the delicate design. The artisan first draws on the cloth with a pencil or pen and then draws with wax over the design. This is then dyed in the desired color. The areas with the wax are dye-resistant and don’t get dyed. The wax can be removed by boiling the cloth or scraping the wax. This process is repeated is multi color design is needed. They come with traditional African designs. You can buy a Batik wall hanging to spruce up your living room or bedroom or get Batik skirts, t-shirts etc. You can also buy Batik fabrics by the yard and then use them whichever way you prefer.

4. Coffee: There is nothing better to get you ready for the busy day ahead than a cup of good coffee. After tasting some of the best coffee in Kenya, you will definitely want to take some home with you. Gift it to your friends and they will thank you eternally for introducing them to perfect coffee. Kenyan coffee is Arabica coffee and is acidic with wine and fruity undertones. It is complex and full-bodied and has a wonderful aroma. While buying coffee to take back home, make sure to get the whole beans. They will maintain their flavor for longer if they are in the form of whole beans. If you are a coffee enthusiast, you can take a coffee tour while in Kenya and directly buy the coffee from the farms.

5. Masks: African masks are one of the most popular souvenirs. Everyone who has visited the continent has a mask. The same applies for Kenya. From the huge warrior masks to smaller ones that are easier to carry, you have a wide variety to chose from. They are mostly made from mahogany wood, but you can also get them in clay, metal or light stone. You can get painted ones at a cheaper price. But the ones with intricate decorations and carvings are the real deal. Apart from the ones that are made to be sold as souvenirs, you can also buy ones that were actually used in the tribal ceremonies albeit at a higher price. To tell if they were used in ceremonies, have a look inside the mask. If there is any kind of discoloration or wear, then it was worn before. Nothing can make you feel more like a warrior than wearing one of these masks.

6. Maasai Shuka: Maasai are a tribe in East Africa and Maasai Shuka is their traditional wear. Maasai Shuka is a colorful, vibrant, durable and skin friendly blanket that is traditionally worn by the Maasai. It has gained a lot of popularity in recent years with even Loius Vuitton featuring the Masai checks pattern in their 2012 Spring/Summer collection. They can be used as scarfs, blankets, bed covers, picnic mats or pillow covers. You can even make a great skirt or top out of them. The possibilities are endless. Even though copies of shuka are available, nothing can beat the original.

7. Soapstone Carvings: Found in the Kisii region of Kenya, soapstones come in a variety of colors, from pinkish to blackish to grey creamish to dark reddish. Like the wooden carvings, these come in the form of animals sculptures. There are also soapstone vases, pots, trays, bowls and plates. These are available in shops throughout Kenya and are mostly made by Kisii tribespeople. For Kisii tribe, soapstone mining and carving is their main source of income with entire families involved in the process. The prices vary depending on the intricacy of the work involved. Soapstone sculptures are heavy. So be careful of your luggage weight while getting these.

Whether you decide to get all of the above or only a few, be assured that whatever you do get is truly unique and will always remind you of Kenya. Hope this helps you decide the best souvenirs to buy in Kenya.