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Food is essential for the survival of any human being. It gives us the strength to perform our daily activities as well as keep our bodies healthy. Each and every country in the world has its own preferred best meals. However, these preferences differ in terms of ingredients and the way of cooking. Kenyan foods are the best among Kenyans and even for those who come to visit. This article will give a list of the popular Kenyan foods which are;


1. Cornmeal staple:
It is commonly known as Ugali among Kenyans. This is the commonest food in Kenya and it is consumed by everybody in the country. It is prepared by adding cornmeal to boiling water and heating it until the mixture turns into a block. It is served with cooked vegetables or a saucy stew.

2. Mashed peas and potato mix:
This is one of the famous foods in Kenya. It originated from one of the tribes know as the Kikuyu but it is now enjoyed throughout the country. It is prepared by boiling green peas and potatoes and then adding whole kernels of maize to make the mixture more delicious. It is taken with roasted meat or some other common Kenyan stews.

3. Beans and corn:
This type of food is commonly known as githeri among Kenyans. It is one of the easiest Kenyan meals to prepare. You only need to boil beans and corn kernels and then mix with some vegetables. If you are a fan of chilies or pepper, you can include them in the list of your ingredients.

4. Special rice:
Among Kenyans, it is commonly known as pilau. It is prepared by mixing rice with a number of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and cumin. It is served with meat stew and sliced fresh tomatoes and onions.

5. Coconut rice.
It is commonly known as Wali wa Nazi in Kenya. It is a common food among the coastal regions of Kenya like Mombasa. It is prepared by mixing white rice with coconut meat. It is served with either fish, chicken, bean stew or some vegetables.

6. Kenyan stew:
This is also one of the delicious meals you can get in Kenya. It is prepared using either cow meat, goat meat, chicken meat or any other animal meat whose meat is edible. It’s preparation may also include some ingredients like peppers, peas, carrots, and potatoes.

7. Roasted meat:
You will find Kenyans referring to it as nyama choma. This is the heart of Kenyan food. It is prepared using either cow meat or goat meat. In some rare cases, you may also prepare it using chicken meat or fish. It is served with cornmeal staple. You can also add other spices like pepper, fresh tomatoes, and onions to make it more delicious.


In conclusion, Kenya is one of the countries with the most delicious foods in the world. They are prepared in a unique way that gives them a taste and makes them stand out from those of other countries. They are many but some of the best and mostly consumed are; cornmeal staple, mashed peas and potato mix, beans and corn, special rice, coconut rice, Kenyan stew and roasted meat.

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